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Maintenance of Regional Resource and Training Centres.

Regional Resource and Training Centres (RRTCs) will work as key nodal agency on
aged care under overall direction & supervision of Department of SJE, providing
overall technical support and inputs on senior citizens programs in their
assigned States allocated by the Ministry.


Their mandate is to carry out advocacy, awareness generation, training
of stakeholders, database generation, inspections, monitoring, research
and liaising with the State Governments of the States assigned in the field of old
age care.


They would also act as a technical support group to the State Government
in preparing the State Action Plan, monitoring its implementation and evaluation of


They would liaise with District Social welfare officers and expedite the state
government recommendations on project proposals.


They would prepare an Annual Action Plan for their own activities which should
include visits, capacity building programmes, monitoring and evaluation exercise,


They will upload their field visits on the e-Anudaan portal along-with photographs and
their observation on regular basis,


Monitoring/ Inspection of the projects being assisted under the programme by the D/o
SJE, as required from time to time, and at least twice in the financial year visits to
SrCHs/CCHs, under their jurisdiction, shall be made by the respective RRTC during the
months of April and October every year, and


The organizations shall be allowed to incur expenditure as given in APPENDIX-IV

Monitoring and Inspection of projects:

Primary responsibility for inspection and monitoring of the functioning of projects being
assisted under the scheme lies with the State Government concerned. However, the
Ministry from time to time may issue guidelines regarding the nature, type and
periodicity of the Inspection. Whenever necessary, the Ministry may get field inspection
conducted by its own agencies, RRTCs / officers/PMU also.


1. Grant-in-aid shall be released to the RRTCs, in one go, on the basis of
annual inspection carried out by the officers of the Central Ministry/ Officers of
the NISD and also on the basis of the performance of the RRTCs for the previous year
as reported by NISD.
2. Department of Social Justice and Empowerment shall issue an authorization letter
to all RRTCs in each financial year to carry out inspection/monitoring
visits of the grantee NGOs under their jurisdiction. All grantee NGOs shall also be
informed to extend required cooperation to RRTCs.
3. The Department shall also issue letters to all Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries of
the concerned Departments in the State Governments dealing with the matters relating
to senior Citizens regarding the role, mandate & potential involvement of the RRTCs.
4. Organise Annual review/ consultative meet of all grantee NGOs, state social
welfare depts. & RRTCs region wise and Quarterly review meetings shall be
organised by the NISD for review and consultation.
5. NISD shall seek information from the RRTCs for framing Annual Training
Action Plan and may include new themes of training in accordance with
NAPSrC, focusing wider geographical and stakeholders’ coverage including
the component of re-training & skill up-gradation of senior citizens with focus on
training of family members/ other caregivers & geriatric care assistants etc.
6. NISD shall report the performance of the RRTCs in completion of
assigned tasks/programmes to this Department on half yearly basis in September
and March every year.

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