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Distribution of grocery hampers to unserved and deserving families

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, a complete lockdown was imposed in Mumbai City in order to prevent and control spreading of infection. This lockdown resulted in hardship to majority of poor slum families as it restricted movements and bread earner of the family was unable to go to the work . Centre for the Study of Social Change (CSSC), an NGO established in 1972 has been working in Bandra East slums since last more than 25 years. These slums were no exception to problems emerging out of the long lockdown. Notwithstanding the fact that many political parties and NGOs distributed grocery to the slum dwellers, there were many who were not reached. CSSC’s 45 Health Workers identified such unserved and deserving families of H-East municipal ward and made a reliable list carefully.

An appeal was made to donors through verbal communications, emails and WhatsApp groups and in quick time many such donors came forwards to support this cause .Through these donations, CSSC distributed grocery hampers to 1250 ( i.e.1250x5= approximately 6250 persons )

The cost of each grocery hamper was Rs.1500/-.Each grocery hamper contained 10kg Rice,10 kg wheat flour, 2Kg Turdal, 2kg Sugar,1/2 kg Tea powder,1packet of Spices,1packet Salt,Bath Soap and Washing Soap which suffice for one month.

Despite total closure of CSSC office and movement of people , vehicles and material purchase and transport constraints of severe nature ,a handful of CSSC staff and the full force of CSSC health workers completed this mission in record time under direct leadership and active fundraising by President Dr S Y Bhojraj.

On behalf of families and CSSC itself, we thank the Donors for their generosity and looks for similar co-operation in future. We also thank CSSC team who showed remarkable tenacity while carrying out this mission against all odds.

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