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A flagship high-end research project Saras is a randomized intervention trial of food-based micronutrient supplements in Pre-conceptual and pregnancy period of eligible women to monitor health in pregnancy so as to increase the birth-weight of the newborn and ensure reduction in neonatal problems and deaths. The trial was started in Jan 2006 where 6513 women joined the project from 65 centres spread from Bandra east to Andheri east. This trial has been registered internationally and strict protocols are adhered to and completed in 2012. The University of Southampton and Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit of Medical Research Council, UK are partners in this study which is mainly funded by The Wellcome Trust UK and others. Every day supplements were prepared fresh in the morning under the observation of a nutritionist. Cooked supplement were packed in colour coded bags and sent to centres using rikshaw. Every afternoon, six days a week, women are designated recipes under observation in nearly 65 distribution centres in surrounding the slums. Women who became pregnant during the trial had undergone 3 ultrasound scans to monitor growth of the fetus. Blood tests were also done during this period. All the tests, scans and check-ups were done free of cost. The last child was born on 31st May 2012. Total 2013 children were born during the period of the trial.


Currently a major follow-up of children aged 5 – 6 years named SARAS KIDS,which is already on from June 2013. This follow up involves mothers who participated in SARAS, her child born in SARAS and child’s father. We do Anthropometry, Grip Strength, Blood pressure, Buccal swab, Blood collection, Cognitive assessment, Strength and Difficulty, Home inventory, Hand grip strength and Dexa Scan at Nanavati hospital for the child. Anthropometry, Blood pressure, Blood and Mother and Father. We are also planning to take family photograph and make frame and give it to the family as a token of appreciation for taking part in SARAS KIDS project. We have completed total 1002 families and our target is to complete minimum 1500 to 1600 families provided they are available. In order meet target and convenience of families, we work all Saturdays and public holidays. We are in discussion with Holdworth Memorial Hospital (Mysore) for possibility of a collaborative project on effect of stress on cardio metabolic risk factors.

Other projects

1. IDOP (International Day of Older Persons) on 1st October 2016

Under this programme CSSC conducted 2 medical camp for Aged person ,

a) At F S Parekh Dharmashala Darul Muluk,Hugles Road

b) At St.Anthony’s Home for the Aged, Bandra West

2. Five Days Orientation Training Programme on Geriatric Care From15th -19th November 2016

Following topics were incorporated in this programme.

a) Management of Dementia

b) Policy: Legal scheme and provisions for elderly.

c) Ethics in care giving in OAH/DCC

d) Geriatric Rehabilitation

e) Resource Management

f) Prevention and Protection against Abuse

g) Digestive Disorders in Geriatric Population

h) Depression in Elderly

i) First Aid in cases of Emergencies

j) Code of conduct and Roles and Responsibilities of a caregiver and Qualities Necessary for a counselor

k) Basic Principle of Geriatric Counseling

l) How to handle Geriatric Patients in Hospital

3. Three Days Orientation Programme on Demetia care/Management From 16th to 18th February 2017

Following topics were incorporated in this programme.

a) Introduction on Dementia & difference between Dementia and Alzheimer

b) Dementia, it’s types and symptoms.

c) Stages of Alzheimer’s Dementia and it’s early diagnosis.

d) Behavioral problems in patients of Alzheimer’s Dementia

e) .Communication problems among patients of Alzheimer’s Dementia & Communication as a tool to handle behavioral problems.

f) Social Engagement among patients of Alzheimer’s Dementia &Resident wandering & Resident Falls.

g) Management and care at home of Alzheimer’s Dementia patients.

h) Assessment of resident’s facilities and background & Care Planning and Provision.

i) Physical restrain free care for patients of Alzheimer’s Dementia

j) Food and fluid consumptions patients of Alzheimer’s Dementia

k) How to create conducive environment for the people with Dementia.

4. One Day Sensitization Programme on Intergenerational bonding in Schools & Colleges.

    Following sessions were conducted.

  1.  22/02/2017 – Guru Nanak School,Sion (W)

  2. 23/02/2017 – Raheja College ,Santacruz (W)

  3. 24/02/2017 – M.D. College,Parel (E)

  4. 14/03/2017 – Guru Nanak School, Khar(W)

  5.  14/03/2017 –  Anjuman Islam school,Bandra(W)

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